£300.00 GBP

SEO Website Review
SEO Website Review consists of collecting website data, visitors data and then comparing data against Googles standards. Results are then presented in a report with suggestions to improve SEO.
£50.00 GBP
Local SEO Service
Stop losing customers to other local businesses with our Local SEO Service.
* Get better search results in Google's Local Search
* Easily insert Google Maps, a store locator, opening hours and more
* Allow customers to pick up their WooCommerce order locally
£50.00 GBP
Video Posts SEO Service
Start ranking better for your videos with our Video Posts SEO Service.
* Show your website videos in Google Videos
* Enhance the experience of sharing posts with videos
* Make video posts responsive
£50.00 GBP
WooCommerce SEO Service
Make your products stand out in Google with our WooCommerce SEO Service.
* Improve sharing on Facebook and Pinterest
* Use Yoast breadcrumbs instead of WooCommerce ones
* A seamless integration between your website SEO and WooCommerce SEO
£50.00 GBP
News SEO Service
Everything you need for Google News with our News SEO Service.
* Optimise your site for Google News
* Immediately pings Google on the publication of a new blog post
* Creates XML News Sitemaps